Сочинение на тему обращение в мой любимый журнал

14 января 2012

Сочинение на тему обращение в мой любимый журнал

  •                                                  Life stories

      I read your journal for more than a year and I want to say that all articles are very beautiful and well written. Most of all I liked the article about how the service rescuers saved a kitten stuck in the tree. When I go to the store to buy the magazine, the saleswoman recognise me, because he knows that I came to her and asked what I wanted to buy in her shop. Also, I want to say that I like the articles of the journalist by the name of Skripkina Victoria. She knows how to get the reader interested, and more interesting to talk about events than other journalists of my favorite magazine! I am very grateful to you for what you have given me the opportunity to write contacting my favorite magazine! «Life stories» — the best magazine in the world!!!


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